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Slicing a Brisket of Beef

How to Slice a First Cut Brisket of Beef

The beef brisket is the cut of beef that comes from the anterior end of the sternum bones, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- USDA -- and the Institutional Meat Purchasing Standard -- IMPS. Brisket is known for having a tender, flavorful texture and is commonly made into corned beef brisket or cut into small pieces for brisket sandwiches. Regardless of how you eat it, slicing a beef brisket requires a specific technique to ensure you take advantage of the tender texture.

Step 1

Remove the beef brisket from the oven or roaster and allow it to sit on the cutting board for 15 minutes before slicing. This allows the natural juices to return to the center of the brisket.

Step 2

Trim off any excess fat from the outside of the beef brisket. The bottom side of the point on the brisket typically has a significant amount of fat.

Step 3

Cut a small corner of the brisket to determine the direction of the grain of the meat. Turn the brisket so you cut across the grain. The grain will be perpendicular to your knife.

Step 4

Slice the beef brisket flat across the grain into 1/4-inch slices. If you cut with the grain, the brisket will be tough and chewy.


As a courtesy, the staff at the MarketPlace will gladly slice your cooked Brisket that was purchased from us. We kindly ask you to bring your cooled down meat in a container without the gravy. We will slice your meat any thickness and place it nicely in the container you provided.

First Cut and Second Cut raw briskets are sold year round at the MarketPlace for $6.99 per pound.

We also provide delicious cooked brisket for $8.99 ½ a pound and BBQ pulled brisket for $12.99 per pound