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Have you tried our Deli Roast Beef? Starting with a prime cut of meat, seasoned just right and roasted to the perfect rareness. The most tender, flavorful, leanest, and delicious Roast Beef can be sliced and sold by the pound, or used on one of our deli subs, sandwiches, or wraps. Our Honey Baked Ham is cooked at The MarketPlace and is always moist and flavorful. It is used on our Italian Combo Subs. We also roast a free range, all natural Turkey Breast that can be used in our deli, or sliced for turkey dinner. In addition, we use Boar’s Head Turkey Breast and Honey Maple Turkey Breast. We offer many types of cheeses including super sharp cheddar to imported provolone.

To complete the deli in a gourmet way, we make the finest deli salads. We do not use any fillers in our deli salads. Our tuna salads are made with Albacore white chunk tuna and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Our chicken salads are made with roasted all white chicken and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. All of our deli salads are a huge hit at The MarketPlace.

Sandwiches, sub, and wraps are loaded with meat and fresh toppings and come with our homemade cole slaw or potato salad and a pickle.

Deli Platters are available and customized for you, as well as our assorted Deli Sandwich Platter. It is a perfect catered lunch item amongst many office luncheons daily.

Call (954)963-3880, to order a deli sandwich that will be customized for you.untitled

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